Letter From The Chairman

We often try to give meaning to life when questioning life. By forgetting the fact that life questions people rather than questioning life, meanings that can take a different form according to everyone's expectations and value judgments.

When we look in totality and depth, we observe that life is proceeding with an extraordinary beauty and balance with a constant creation and change.

For this reason, we have to constantly contribute to the creation system, to create, to make and to shape the future by living today. This is a manifestation of a thank-you reply that life should offer to human beings, despite what it offers. This is a meaningful form that relates to being, not to own, but to do.

In fact, this is a life game and art that mankind who is looking for happiness has to play for their inner peace and is applauded in front of the crowded audience at the end of every screen. This is to know that the curtain will not open again if there is no applause.

Here we set off with the philosophy of living to run in these values in 1963. In the role of our half-century life game, we accepted and considered the most important indispensable basic criterion of our mission to perform our life art perfectly together with you and add value to life.

We have artists, actors and co-workers in the game of life, who constantly think globally and put their thoughts into action, and we are very honored to be with them.

We are happy to see the contribution of what we have done so far in industry and education. It expresses that we will feel great enthusiasm and excitement from shaping the future by always raising our goals for the welfare and peace of humanity with our strategic thinking and action we make today.

With love and respect,